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Mektro, possesses above Olympic-level athletic ability, derived from experimental performance enhancements. Mektro utilizes a variety of high-tech equipment, including a bio-electric shield that feeds off Brad’s body’s electric field. Likewise, his mask has light, auditory and sensory enhancements built in for his use.




Mektro, born Brad Thomas, is the son of Gregory and Allison Thomas. Shortly after the end of what became known as The Corporate Wars. Gregory Thomas was a corporate operative working for Douglass Industries during this time under the code name Mektro. Mektro engaged in counter-intelligence as well as covert operations against opposing corporate entities. Allison Thomas, who also worked for Douglass Industries as an experimental energy physics expert, was lost in a suspected air crash while traveling. It was during this time that Brad began training with his father in forms of martial arts as well as knowledge in computer networks and cyber security. It was during this time, Brad was introduced to Mektro’s fellow operatives, (aka The Mek Corps) and engaged in training with the group. While investigating a series of suspicious corporate killings, Gregory Thomas and Brad uncovered evidence that the killings were internally motivated. It was discovered that the assassin Shard was the responsible killer and had been contracted to kill the line of succession at Douglass Industries. Mektro approached the Board of executives to explain the plot he had uncovered. Before he could do so, however, Shard captured, tortured and eventually killed Mektro. Understanding his life was in danger as well, Brad sought out the Mek Corps to provide shelter as well as protection and training.

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