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Torrent is an Olympic level physical human with ultra-level enhancements both physically as well in sensory cognitions. Though blinded while in operation as a corporate operative, Torrent has since received visual enhancement implants that operate in the infrared and ultraviolet range of the visual spectrum. Additionally, his equipment includes a bio-engineered vest that taps directly into his bio-electric field, creating an omni-directional sensory net that feeds into his visual spectrum. Likewise, while his forearms were lost in the same incident as his vision, Torrent has cybernetic replacements that channel and convert his bio-electric field into twin guns that produce a crude plasma projection.




Initially recruited as a corporate operative for Dyson, the being who became Torrent soon excelled at special operations and covert missions. During which on one particular mission, he was engaged in process of setting explosive charges. After setting the explosives, he realized a number of innocent civilians were in the range of danger. Reacting quickly, he sought to deactivate the charges, but only proved partially successful, but in the process, also lost his forearms and vision in the smaller explosion. As his example of a superior operative, Dysan funded his rebuild physically, but at a price. Keeping his wife and children as leverage, Dysan provided the cybernetic and sensory biotics needed, as well as additional training to operate.


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