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Dysan’s organic tissue has been nearly totally stripped away, being replaced by life-supporting cybernetic equipment, a variety of defense mechanisms and global network capability All his on-board systems, defenses and remaining organic tissue reside within a hardened chassis composed of combination Memmetal and Direilium . In theory, his presence can be shuffled between systems and networks at the speed of thought, including integrating into the global web network. Though the premise has never been successfully tested, certain initial trials have proven moderately successful. Dysan possesses twin palm plasma blasters in addition to integrated boot jets. 




The being who became Dysan, began as a corporate executive working within the ranks of Douglass Industries. Near the end of the North American Corporate Wars, Dysan found himself the sole remaining successor for leadership at Douglass Industries. When events unfolded became life-threatening, he sought refuge within a research facility. Fleeing for his life, Dysan became trapped in an atomizer chamber at the start of an experiment. Scientist on-hand immediately shut down the chamber, but not before Dysans outer tissue, and most of his internal organs had been irreparably damaged by the energies they had endured. Remarkably, Dysan’s nervous system, brain and spinal cord remained in good enough shape to transplant into a nutrient-rich gel environment. After weeks in recovery, scientist were able to construct a rudimentary communication system and were able to make contact with Dysan. After his identity was confirmed, as well as his cognition of his environment, the new Board at Douglass agreed to allow Dysan to assume his role as the new Chairman. Among his first acts as new Chairman, was to change the name of the company to Dysan Industries.

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