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from the creative team of
Gary Goldstein and Larry Cathey

Born on a rainy, cold fall morning, a boy arrived as a singular source of horror to those who saw him first. Cool to the touch and a blanched white skin that cracked and peeled within moments of his birth, he grew  up a son loved by his father, but was forever locked away from the outside world. Years later he uncovers information vital to his existence and is forced to confront the
cold reality awaiting him beyond his father’s threshold.

Gary Goldstein, Writer, Inker

Long Island, NY resident, Gary works as a comic book writer and comic inker (in training).  He has developed a super hero novelette titled "DeadWeight", which is published. Gary is also the co-creator and writer of The Nomads for Inbeon Studios.

Larry Cathey, Artist, Colorist

Memphis, TN resident, Larry started Heycat Comics in order to self-publish his first mini-series Mek Corps. Larry has enjoyed a 23 year career as a medical illustrator, working both domestically and internationaly. He currently works on another series titled Steam Spirit, also available on ComiXology








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