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A mulitiverse. Each separate but still linked to the next.

Each is similar to the next, but the differences that do exist make each select jewels within the continuum whole.

Mek Corps begins with the backstory of one such multiverse existence. From the vantage of the viewer, new races and technology will be shown and explored. Decisions made over thousands of lifetimes, culminating into final repercussions for our own universe.


From this universe spawns a genetically-interwoven dual species consisting of the Ecross and the Ecrinn.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

the ecrinn

the ecross

The Infinite Energy

Created by the Ecross to fill the energy need maintaining a thousand world dominion, the Infinite Energy is both unique and unnatural. Normal laws do not apply as it’s signature dissolves all constraints of time, space and finite possibilities. It is a single source the powers a thousand civilizations, the ships and armament within each world, yet is small enough to fit within a single hand. Transmitted omni-directionally and harmless when interacted from a distance, special receivers are utilized the energy source no matter the distance from the origin.

A World in Ruin, Seeking a New Light

The year 2050 was not a good year. An electromagnetic pulse attack by an unknown global assailant led to world collapse. Fifty years later, from the darkness, there arose an entity who offered a chance to regain a resemblance of the old ways, but at a price of full, unquestioning obedience.


A new voice for the people stood alone. Together they amassed a ranking of followers to work - always in secret - to expose their new age overlords for the evil they represent. These were the starting agents of the Mek Corps. Banded together as normal, enhanced and superior ability individuals, the Mek Corps strive to free the people from the bondage forced upon the global populace and allow the infinite power to be used to lift all of mankind.


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